Sunday, 17 February 2013

Taunton - Circular Handstamps without Mileage

The next two handstamps are similar to the ones just before but have had the mileage removed.  Taking them in the order as in the BCC, the first handstamp has no mileage and was in use from 1829-1833 - this example from 1829 is franked by the MP from Minehead (a "rotten borough"):
Here's another example from 1830:

The next handstamp has dotted arcs below, where the mileage used to be.  It was in use from 1828-1833.  here are two examples, again from 1829 and 1830.

And finally a Taunton double-arc handstamp - this was in two formats, the first shown here has no code and was in use from 1833-1841.  The second (which will be shown later) has a code in the top arc and was in use from 1841-1846.

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