Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Glastonbury "PAID" handstamps, 1943

 The envelope below was sent from Clark, Son & Morland Ltd. to Saks, 5th Avenue, New York in April 1943.  It has three red "PAID" handstamps totalling 1/3d, and has been opened by the censors.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Ilchester Undated Circular (UDC) handstamp, 1837

 Here is an example of the Ilchester undated circular handstamp (UDC), used in December 1837.

The routing of this letter is interesting - it appears it went on the Exeter - London mail coach which after 1836 was routed via Ilchester and Wincanton to London.  This letter was then offloaded at Hindon (eight miles north of Shaftesbury, evidenced by the Hindon UDC) to go down to Shaftesbury.

This route would be about 35 miles, compared to the direct route of Ilchester - Shaftesbury which is about 25 miles.

The letter was only charged 6d (for 20-30 miles), rather than 7d which would have been the charge (for 30-50 miles) for the longer route that the Post Office chose to take.

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Wiveliscombe Car Tax Discs with a variety of handstamps 2002-14

 The page below shows a variety of handstamps on a car tax disc, spanning 2002 to 2014.  The missing years were all similar to the last handstamp, a "WIVELISCOMBE / TAUNTON, SOMERSET" 23mm single ring handstamp.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Receipt from the King's Head, Rainham in 1800

 Below is a manuscript receipt from the King's Head, Rainham, dated overleaf on 14th March 1800.

The receipt is for 1/- for Coffee, 6d for Fire ?, 6d for Corn and £2-2-6d for 4 horses 17 miles to Rise at 2/6d.

17 miles at 2/6d per mile is £2-2-6d; 2/6d per mile for four horses is 7½d per horse per mile which is possibly a slight discount from 8d per mile per horse (or 1d per furlong).

I don't know where "Rise" is that is 17 miles from Rainham, or even if Rainham is Rainham in Essex or Rainham in Kent, or elsewhere - any input on this would be welcome.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Bristol Invoices/Receipts

 Here are a couple of receipted invoices from companies in Bristol, the first from January 1907 from J.M. Stevens & Co., Hatters, Hosiers, Shirt Tailors, &c. of Park Street, Bristol and the second  December 1945 from The Victoria Paint Co., Paint, Color and Varnish Manufacturers (note American spelling of "Color") of Valenta Mills, Sussex Place, Bristol.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Coaching receipt from Stimson's Commercial Inn, Oakham c.1825

 Here's another piece of ephemera associated with coaching - a receipt from Stimson's Commercial Inn, Oakham.  The receipt is for 18/10d and includes 9/4d for Horse's hire to Uppingham and 1/- for "Gate".

Uppingham is just over 6 miles from Oakham (on today's roads).  The charge of 9/4d for horse hire is probably for two horses, one for the traveller and one for a guide who would bring the horses back.  

The charge of 9/4d works out at 8d per mile for 7 miles for 2 horses (or 1d per furlong).

The charge of 1/-for "Gate" would probably be a toll charge.

The other charges are 3/- for a Bed, 1/6d for Breakfast, another 1/6d for Tea and Coffee, and 2/6d for Liquors.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Bristol 1796, 1798 & 1830

 Here are a trio of Bristol-related items, starting with a letter from Bristol to Hull sent in 1796, with contents advising of the safe arrival of the Santa Rosa in Guernsey and that the whole of the cargo is landed in good condition.

Next, connected to the above by also having a straight line "BRISTOL" handstamp, the entire below is addressed from Bristol to Derby and bears a stright-line "THORNBURY" handstamp.  It is dated inside as the 19th July 1798. 

Finally, a letter from Bristol to London sent in May 1830 with contents relating to the  ship Eusebio.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Minehead Krag cancels 1934, 1938 on commercial advertising envelopes

 Here are two commercial envelopes advertising J. Webber & Sons, Florists in Minehead, from 1934 and 1939.

It appears that James Webber & Sons had joined the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association between the two dates (called Interflora from 1953).  This allowed them to send telegrams to Florists in other locations to get flowers delivered.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Clifton in the Bristol Penny Post, 1823, to Highworth via "Oxford Mail"

 Here is a wrapper sent from Clifton to Highworth (7 miles north-east of Swindon) in 1823.  The wrapper is marked "Oxford Mail" to direct the postal route.