Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Westhay, West Pennard, Weston-super-Mare, Wincanton and Middle Street, Yeovil

Finally, to finish off the pile of material that has accumulated in recent months, here are a number of items late in the alphabet starting with a Certificate of Posting from Westhay in 1986.

Next is a telegram to Mr Allen (of cider fame) with a "WEST PENNARD / GLASTONBURY.SOMERSET" double circle double-arc handstamp dated July 1930.

The registered envelope below is from Weston-super-Mare in August 1915 to Japan and has the manuscript annotation "Via Siberia if available or america".

Here is a Wincanton Parcel Post Label dated July 1912.

And finally a registered letter from Middle Street, Yeovil in 1922 with a Yeovil registration etiquette manually filled in with sub-office "1".

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Wells Misc 2

Continuing with Wells, this time with more modern items, here is a Post Office Return envelope with a "WELLS / SOMERSET" soft packet cancel dated June 1982.

The City of Wells Philatelic Society celebrated its fourtieth anniversary in 2005 with special envelopes and an anniversary dinner.

And finally here is a City of Wells meter mark from 2015.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wells Misc 1

This is the first of a couple of miscellaneous posts on Wells, starting with a nice straight line cancel from 1767.

Next is a Parcel Post Label with "WELLS.SOMERSET / M.O & S.B" cancels dated October 1897 and a triangular "WEJ" handstamp.

A bit of ephemera - an invoice dated 1898 from the New Rock Coal Company which had a depot at the Somerset & Dorset railway station at Wells.

Next a registered envelope to the USA also with "WELLS.SOMERSET / M.O & S.B" cancels, dated January 1904.

And finally a postcard sent at Christmas 1909, with material stuck on the front making it liable to the letter rate, with a "1D / 864" handstamp and a framed "Liable to Letter Rate / 864" cachet.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Taunton: Too Late and Refused

A pair of covers, the first from 1st January 1840 in the 4d uniform postage period with a Taunton "TOO LATE" handstamp (indicating that the letter missed the post).

The second item is a returned postal packet from 1975 with 11p postage due, with an "UNDELIVERED FOR REASON STATED" cachet with manuscript "Refused".  It is likely that the enclosed letter had been sent unfranked.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Post Office Numbers - Axbridge "994" 3HOS, Shepton Mallet "701" triangle, Somerton "720" 3HOS

A trio of items employing their towns' post office numbers, starting with an Axbridge "994" 3-bar horizontal oval cancel used in July 1859.  This 3HOS is known used from January 1858 to March 1863 and was not registered in the Steel Impression Book.

This next item is Printed Matter from Shepton Mallet with a Shepton Mallet "701" triangle cancel.  The contents are the programme of events for the Mid-Somerset Young Farmers' Club in October 1953.

And finally here are two envelopes with Somerton "720" horizontal oval cancels, sent in September 1856 and September 1863.

Sunday, 11 March 2018


A spread of items from Glastonbury, starting with an entire to Yeovil in October 1844, with a Glastonbury "311" 1844-type horizontal oval cancel.  Glastonbury had three different horizontal oval cancels, this being an example of the first.

This next item from February 1919 has contents relating to Mr Allen's cider business and whether he could load cider withou paying the duty.

Finally here is a telegram from December 1943, also relating to Mr Allen's cider business (I suspect not the same Mr Allen) saying "Please send more cider".

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Cheddar, Clevedon, Cocklake registered envelopes

Here are a trio of registered covers, this first one being from Cheddar in March 1921.

This next registered envelope from Clevedon in October 1978 has also paid for Special Delivery.

The final registered letter is from Cocklake in July 1945.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Bridgwater Squared Circle and Krag cancels

Here are a couple of covers from Bridgwater, the first to Germany with two Bridgwater squared circle cancels from September 1891.  The envelope has an oval imprint for "SULLY & COMPANY".  They were coal and culm merchants.

The second postcard was sent to Cornwall in June 1928, with a Bridgwater Krag cancel.  The postcard is from "JOHN BOARD & Co. Ltd." who were Cement Lime and Brick Manufacturers.