Sunday, 29 January 2017

Alphabetical Tour of Recent Acquisitions - A - B

Having reached over 600 posts, the next batch of posts are an alphabetical tour through Somerset, not chosen with any particular theme or purpose, but because I have been writing up new items from a collection that I acquired about 6 months ago.

In my early days of collecting Somerset postal history I wanted a catalogue (coming from collecting stamps that was the obvious way to proceed).  The British County Catalogue covered the early handstamps but it was a little while before I found Ken Smith's post office lists (now available online here).  Together with a copy of "Postal Addresses, 1972" from the GPO I constructed a spreadsheet to log my "capture" of the different post offices.

I have got just over 600 different offices in this spreadsheet, of which I have examples of only about 360 (60%).  This total of 600 is a significant underestimate as I don't currently distinguish between an office that has had multiple different head offices (for example Ashbrittle came under Wellington and under Taunton) - the true total to shoot for is probably close to 1000 just counting the post offices, never mind the different types of cancel that each has had over time.

Anyway, on to my Alphabetical Tour of Recent Acquisitions - which starts with Ashbrittle from 1910 (under Wellington).

... Barrington from 1924 ("Will write again Monday; there is no collection of letters here tomorrow (Sunday)".

... Barrow Gurney, a Climax Rubber cancel from 1907.

... Bason Bridge from 1939

... Bridgetown, a postcard from 1935 and a philatelic registered cover from 1980

... Burlescombe in Devon from 1926

... and finally Burrowbridge (originally Boroughbridge) from 1922.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Somerset "Wessex" Cancel from Bridgewater

Approximately 40 towns in south-west England used their circular date stamps for cancelling adhesive stamps rather than Maltese Cross cancels, the majority known being used during 1842. These are commonly referred to as the “Wessex” cancellations because of the region from which most of them originate.

The item below is a "Wessex" cancel from Bridgewater in July 1842.

Other places in Somerset that have known "Wessex" cancels are Bath (6), Bridgewater (2), Chard (8), Crewkerne (1), Frome (1), Ilminster (1), Taunton (3), Wellington (2), Wells (1), Weston-super-Mare (1), Wincanton (16) and Yeovil (2).

The numbers in brackets are the number of examples known by Rockoff & Jackson - their Volume 3 of "The Encyclopedia of The Maltese Cross Cancellations" lists the known "Wessex" cancels.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bristol undated packet cancels during WW II

During WW II a number of undated packet cancels were used - here are a couple of examples from 1942.

The bottom item is an invoice for 30 ft of armoured delivery hose, from Andersons Rubber Company Limited.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Bristol Paquebot and TPOs

I don't collect Bristol Maritime marks in general, but do have one or two - the item below because it is a Bristol Krag machine cancel - "BRISTOL / PAQUEBOT".  It is known used from 1913 to 1920.  The postcard was written around Newfoundland.

This next item also has a maritime flavour, with a "POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS" cachet and landing at Plymouth before receiving a "PLYMOUTH TO BRISTOL T.P.O." single ring cancel from January 1905.  Based on the image on the postcard and the printed text "Antigua-Leeward Islands" I assume that it originated in the West Indies (there is no message on the postcard).

This leads on to a set of TPO marks for the "BRISTOL.SHREWSBURY.&.YORK.T.P.O. / FROM WEST", the top example being the handstamp being used as a mis-sort mark.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bristol Special Event Cancels (2)

There were more Special Event cancels used in the 1930s, starting with "CONFERENCE HALL / BRISTOL" which was used for the British association for the Advancement of Science's meeting in September 1930.

In May 1931 the Bath & West & Southern Counties Show was at Bristol and used the "SHOW GROUND / BRISTOL" cancel.

The 63rd Trades Union Congress was in Bristol in September 1931, with the "CONGRESS HALL / BRISTOL" cancel in use.

In July 1935 a "CENTRAL HALL / BRISTOL" cancel was in use, I think for the Methodist Church Conference - unfortunately I do not have an example.

In June-July 1936 the Royal Show was again in Bristol, with a "ROYAL SHOW / BRISTOL" cancel in use.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Bristol Special Event Cancels (1)

Bristol had a number of early Special Event cancels, the earliest being for The Industrial and Fine Arts Exhibition in 1893.

The Royal Show was held at Bristol in 1913 as illustrated in the postcards below.  There were two Skeleton cancels in use, known used on 5th July 1913, but I don't have a copy of either.

In 1914 an International Exhibition was held in Bristol, with a special double circle cancel used.  The Exhibition got into financial difficulties and then closed in August 1914 because of the outbreak of World War I.

Here is another postcard which illustrates the International Pavilion.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

A mix of Minehead

A bit of a mixture from Minehead, for post number 600, beginning with an example of the first Minehead handstamp used, from 1709.

Jumping in time to 1946, this under-franked postcard was charged postage due.  The card was posted in Dunster but was given the "2D / TO PAY / 779" handstamp of Minehead because Dunster had come under Minehead from 1932.

Here is a clear "MINEHEAD / WHERE GLORIOUS / EXMOOR / MEETS THE SEA" local slogan cancel from January 1966.

This (philatelic) envelope from 1980 was compulsorily registered by the Post Office - it was crossed with blue lines with manuscript "Registered" and posted in a letter box.

Finally a registered envelope posted at Avenue, a Town Sub-Office in Minehead, in 1980.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Taunton town sub-offices - North Town, Priorswood, Shuttern

Here are three of the town sub-offices (TSOs) of Taunton, starting with a single ring cancel for North Town, Taunton from 1881.  The post office closed in 1922.

Next a certificate of posting handstamped in Priorswood, Taunton.

And finally a certificate of posting handstamped in Shuttern, Taunton.  The post office closed in 2008.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bath bits and pieces

Happy New Year !

A few bits of Bath, starting with an entire with a straight-line "BATH" from 1793 going to Wiveliscombe near Wellington.  It also has an "[A]PR:4" handstamp thought to be applied at Wellington.

The contents relate to the Bath and West of England Agricultural Society.

Moving on to 1841, this 1d Pink Postal stationery envelope still has its contents, which adds evidence to the unboxed "No.1" receiving house handstamp coming from Norton St. Philips.  The contents relate to The Anti-Corn Law Bazaar of 1842.

Next jump is to 1878 with a registered letter from Midsomer Norton to Upton Lovell, Wilts., which could not be delivered.  At that time both Midsomer Norton and Upton Lovell came under Bath.

Here is an International Reply Coupon from Bath in 1965 and a Commonwealth Reply Coupon from Bath in 1970.

And finally here is a modern commemorative cover from 1995, signed by the Marquess of Bath.