Wednesday, 30 September 2015

UDCs from Stogumber

Here are a number of UDCs from Stogumber, firstly in red from March 1848, May 1849, May 1850 and December 1850.  The UDC is known in red between October 1845 and November 1851.

A couple of Stogumber UDCs in black, from November 1854 and May 1855.  It is known in black from May 1849 to March 1858.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

UDCs from Monksilver, Monkton, Seavington & Hazelbury

Monksilver's UDC is known in red between February 1847 and January 1851, and in orange between February 1847 and April 1850.  The four examples are either red or orange (!), I've plumped for orange for the last example and red for the other three, but I'm not sure - I need to see some good examples to know what shades to look for.

Here is an example of the Monkton UDC in black from May 1855, currently the only known example.

This last cover has a clear blue UDC from Seavington along with a faint black Hazelbury UDC.  This is currently the latest example known of the Seavington UDC in blue and of the Hazelbury UDC in black.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

UDCs from Four-Forks, Hatch [Beauchamp], Holcomb[e] Rogus and [Bishop's] Lydiard

First up is an example of the second UDC issued to Four Forks from June 1855, currently the only example known.

Next an example of the Hatch [Beauchamp] UDC from September 1845.  It is not clear what colour the UDC is, either red or yellow.

Holcomb[e] Rogus is in Devon but was issued a UDC under Wellington in 1849.  Here is an example in blue from June 1851.

And finally two examples of the [Bishop's] Lydiard UDC from November 1854 and July 1859.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

More UDCs - Chew Magna, Clatworthy & Crowcombe

Some more Undated Circular handstamps, starting with one from Chew-Magna under Bristol in black from April 1853.  Interestingly the contents appear to be the actual signed and witnessed Will of Mrs Marianne Hutcheson.

The next is from Clatworthy under Wiveliscombe in brown from November 1851.  This is currently the only known example in brown.

And finally two examples of the UDC from Crowcombe under Taunton, from July 1847 (currently the earliest known example) and July 1849 (currently the latest known example).

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blagdon UDCs

Below are examples of two different "BLAGDON" UDCs for two different Blagdon's.  The first, issued in May 1848, is for Blagdon under Bristol, some 12 miles south-west of Bristol and 34 miles north-east of Taunton.  The second, issued in June 1848, is for Blagdon under Taunton, some 5 miles south of Taunton.  This latter Blagdon is now called Blagdon Hill (renamed in 1902, presumable to avoid confusion).

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Would anyone believe me ?

I have an entire, written in Stogursey, and posted to Stogumber on 28th November 1851. It has some undated circular handstamps that would extend the known usage dates for Stogursey (where it was posted) and Cannington (on the route into Bridgewater).

Unfortunately all the interesting strikes are very very poor !  Below on the left is a bright red "STOGURSEY" UDC overstruck by a red/brown "CANNINGTON" UDC.

Here is a larger image of the UDCs:

Do you believe me ?  ... I'm not sure I believe me, but I'm sure that is what the strikes should be, and there are hints that the interpretation is correct  ... but definitely not good enough to go into the UDC catalogue of Somerset & Dorset that the S&DPHG is updating.

Even the Bridgewater "123" numeric obliterator is a poor strike.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Registered Mail 1917 - with cash for Cider

Below are two GV registered envelopes with Timsbury cancels from April and December 1917, both of which had their original letters in them requesting cider, and enclosing the money to pay for it.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

First Day Cover 10th May 1937

A Registered envelope from Redcliff Bay, Portishead dated 10th May 1937, the first day of issue of the GVI definitives on the envelope.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A few Offices under Bath

Here are a few Offices under Bath, starting with Maiden Bradley in Wiltshire.  The postcard has a "MAIDEN BRADLEY / BATH" cancel dated July 1918.

Next is a skeleton from Marston Magna, Bath - the date is unclear apart from the year (1912) but the skeleton handstamp is only known used between 25th and 26th December 1912.

Two cancels from Oakhill, Bath from 1910 and 1918, the second asking "Sending for cider tomorrow - could you sweeten it and charge me the cost as I am run quite out".

This next cancel is for "WELLOW / SOM" while the office came under Bath.  The handstamp has no year in it and does not appear to have space for one.

Finally a mourning envelope from Weston, Bath.  This is the Weston 3 miles north-west of Bath, not to be confused with Weston-super-Mare.