Sunday, 18 October 2015

Early Taunton Penny Post

Some more examples of the early Taunton Penny Post, beginning with an entire from 1820 written from [Bishops] Lydeard, showing a faint boxed "No.1" handstamp.

And a further example from 1826 ...

Next two examples of the boxed "No.3" handstamp from Torre, both from 1826.  The top example does not have a "TAUNTON / Penny Post" handstamp and was addressed to Stogumber, another receiving house in the Taunton Penny Post, so it probably went direct without going into Taunton and back.

And finally an entire from 1824, written in Stogumber and addressed to Wells.  At this time Stogumber was served by a messenger to and from the Taunton-Minehead ride, the cost of which was an additional 1d paid by the inhabitants of Stogumber on top of the Penny Post.

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