Wednesday 22 May 2024

Bristol Foreign Mail, Part 2

More foreign mail from Bristol, starting with an entire from Bristol to Bath, Maine in January 1854.  The mail went on a British ship so the USA were credited with 5c for US inland postage.

The contents are accounts for the ship.

Another piece of mail to the USA, from Bristol to Concord via Boston in December 1854.  Again it was transported by British Packet, so of the 1/- (= 24c), Britain kept 3c for inland postage plus 16c for the packet transport, while the USA was credited with 5c for US inland postage.  The letter arrived in Boston on Christmas Day 1854.

The next letter is a Registered covered to Genoa, Italy in September 1862.  The letter went from Bristol to London (red registered marks at Bristol and London) and was paid to the destination (red "PD" mark).  The postal rate was 6d postage (set 1st January 1858) plus 6d registration fee.

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