Sunday 31 March 2024

Ilminster Miscellany

A miscellany of yet more Ilminster items today, starting with a receipt for a deposit of one guinea into the Savings Bank, sent in June 1896.

The OHMS envelope below, sent to Ilminster in 1920, is from the Charity Commission and has a "CHARITY COMMISSION" handstamp on the front.

Here is a Domestic Servants insurance renewal form for 1 male indoor domestic servant, 1 female indoor deomstic servant and "yes" for occasional servants.  I don't know if this was insuring the servants against accidents or was insuring the holder against accidents caused by the servants !

Here, from 1921 and 1922, are two charges for Vicarial Tithe Rents.  They were sent as printed matter and received a triangular undated cancel.

This is a copy of the contents of one of the charges.

During WWI British farmers were guaranteed a good price for their cereal crops, however in 1921 when the Corn Production Act was repealed there was a major slump in agricultural land prices.


Goods were often sent by the railway, with GWR being a major user of perfin stamps.  Here are a couple of Advice of Goods forms from 1921 with perfins.

... a copy of the contents from 1922.

Finally in this miscellany is a receipt for Fire Insurance from the Phoenix Assurance Company in 1923.

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