Sunday 11 February 2024

Bridgwater Miscellany

It's the turn of Bridgwater (or Bridgewater according to the postmarks from approximately 1750 to about 1870), starting a couple of letters with London Receiver marks from 1782.

The first one below has a "PARTINGTON" receiver's mark ...

... while this one has a "WALTER" handstamp.  George Walter succeeded Richard Partington as the Receiver at Holborn Hill in 1782.

Below are printed orders for the assembly of the West Somerset Regiment of Yeomanry at Bridgwater, for eight days of duty in May 1835.  It was sent free from London.

Here is a copy of the orders.

Next is an entire sent from Rome to Cannington in December 1843., then redirected to Chudleigh, with redirection marks at Bridgewater.

Here is the contents, written in Italian, asking for a Commission.

From August 1844 the entire below was from Bridgwater to  London but had 2d more to pay.

And finally here are two postcards with "BRIDGWATER SOM." Krag machine cancels, the first from 1929 ...

... and the second from November 1933 with 1d postage due.  The postcard rate had been 1d from May 1922.

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