Sunday 10 December 2023

Nether Stowey (1905), Stoke St Gregory (1909), Wincanton (1913) and Wootton Courtenay (1913)

I'm working through some recent acquisitions, so in date order here's a cover from Nether Stowey to Bishop's Hull in September 1905, redirected to Cardiff.

This postcard from Stoke St Gregory to North Curry in December 1909 is answering a query about local thatchers.

Here is a registered envelope from Wincanton to New Jersey in August 1913, going via Bath railway station to Southampton before being received in New York.

Finally here is a 1913 Christmas postcard going from Wootton Courtenay to Lydeard St Lawrence.  Postmarked on Christmas Eve, it might have been delivered the same day.

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