Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bath handstamps 1776 to 1781

I have examples of three different handstamps in the period 1776 to 1781, only one of which is clear enough to be a possible candidate for a new handstamp.

Firstly from June 1776, here an example of a 25½ x 6½ mm handstamp.

Secondly from December 1777 is a partial handstamp that just possibly could be an earlier example of the 30 x 7 mm handstamp without serifs known in 1781-1782.

And finally is an apparently tapered straight-line handstamp from March 1781.

It is interesting to note that a slightly tapered handstamp is known from Bristol in around this period, from 1784-1788.

In this period the British County Catalogue [1990] has a 32 x 8 mm handstamp from 1781,with the comment that the "T" has large serifs - I don't have an example of this handstamp.

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