Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Failand, Farmborough, Goathurst

The philatelic registered envelope below was posted at Failand in 1975 and has a "FAILAND / BRISTOL" single ring handstamp on the reverse and a Failand registration etiquette.  It then received an oval "REGISTERED / SHEPTON MALLET SOM." handstamp and finally the stamps on the front were cancelled at Bristol.

The postcard below was posted in Farmborough (about 8 miles west-south-west of Bath) in 1910, and shows a view of Farmborough of the period.

The postcard below is a POW card from Camp 44, Goathurst near Bridgwater, posted in 1946 ...

... and below is a philatelic registered envelope from Goathurst in 1975.  The post office closed in 2000.

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