Sunday, 26 June 2022

Yeovil Receiver, 1868

The envelope below, from Piddletown to Yeovil in April 1868, has a "YEOVIL" single ring receiving mark on the reverse (nothing at all exceptional but not always collected).

Piddletown was later renamed Puddletown in the late 1950s.  "Piddle" comes from the River Piddle.  Other villages on the River Piddle contain the name Piddle or have been renamed to Puddle.  Here is an envelope from Piddletrenthide ('trenthide' comes from it having been assessed for thirty hides in the Domesday Book).

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

A Maritime Paquebot cover through Bristol

The cover below, most likely philatelic, has some interesting marks, in particular the "PAQUEBOT / POSTED AT SEA" mark which is also known as a dated machine cancel.  It has previously been recorded like this, without a date slug but this is the first recorded example which can be dated.

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Registered envelope from Filton, 1940

I'm not sure where to put this cover: it is a Registered, Express cover from Filton franked with two meter marks and sent from the Bristol Aeroplane Company in April 1940.  It fits under so many headings !

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Town Sub-Offices in Bristol - Queen's Road, The Mall

Here are a couple of Town Sub-Offices in Bristol, firstly a telegram form with cancels from Queen's Road, Bristol in 1964.  This is one way to obtain used higher-value definitives !

Secondly, here is a registered envelope cancelled at The Mall, Bristol in December 1977.  The envelope had been sent by Donald Forbes-Smith, a stamp dealer who had a shop in The Mall and later in Christmas Steps.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Foreign Section, Bristol in 1977

The airmail letter below was sent from Yate, Bristol to Ontario in June 1977.  It does not seem to have been franked.  It received a large red handstamp from the Foreign Section in Bristol and a large blue biro "T" indicating it was to be taxed - perhaps it received the "T" first and then the Foreign Section handstamp.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Bristol Returned Letter Branch, 1906

The addressee on envelope below from USA to Cheltenham had "Gone Away".  The envelope went back from Cheltenham to the Returned Letter Branch in Bristol and then to the Returned Letter Office in London.  It may then have been returned to the USA.

Sunday, 5 June 2022

Wellington (Somerset) Triangular WEF cancel and TO PAY Charge Mark

A couple of items from Wellington (Somerset), firstly an undated envelope cancelled with a "WEF" triangular mark.  The envelope would have been printed matter (so not wanting a datestamp) and dates from 1912 to c.1935.

The second item is an underfranked envelope with a "2D / TO PAY / 860" charge mark but only a 1d postage due stamp.

The envelope was franked at 1½d.  The 2d postage due was based on it being a letter (rate 2½d, deficiency 1d) but it was actually printed matter (rate 2d, deficiency ½d) so was liable to only 1d postage due.  The printed matter rate had gone up from 1½d to 2d four days earlier.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

GWR Miscellany

Here is a miscellany of GWR items - a GWR receipt postcard used in 1899, a GWR luggage tag used in 1937, and a GWR seat reservation card (undated).

Sunday, 29 May 2022

Boxed "No.1" Handstamp in the Bath Penny Post, November 1817

Prior to this cover, no use of a boxed "No.1" receiving house handstamp had been recorded in the Bath Penny Post.  The cover is a Norwich Union Insurance form addressed to Dublin and bears inside an address of "Batheaston".

The entire has a "BATH / Penny Post" handstamp and two Bath circular mileage marks dated 1st and 2nd November 1817, with a Dublin lozenge receiving mark on the reverse dated 5th November 1817.

The two Bath circular mileage marks are probably because the letter arrived too late to catch the mail coach.

The Bath Penny Post was announced in September 1810 as having receiving houses at Walcot, Batheaston, Bathford, Widcombe, Twerton, Weston and Winifred's Dale.  The assignment of the boxed "No.1" handstamp to Batheaston is slightly problematic as later examples from Batheaston in 1830 have boxed "No.2" receiving handstamps, so if these are both correct then the handstamp transferred between the two dates.  An example of the boxed "No.2" exists from 1813 but unfortunately it has no address associated with it.

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Entire from Ammerdown Park with unboxed "No.24" receiving house handstamp of Radstock, December 1837

The entire below was written at Ammerdown Park, about 2 miles SE of Radstock and sent to Baltonsbury in December 1837.  It has the unboxed "No.24" receiving house handstamp of Radstock.