Sunday, 15 December 2019

Undated "YEOVIL" handstamp, c.1759-1769.

Acquired off the internet, the undated entire below has gone from Yeovil via Taunton and Bristol to Oxford via the cross post. The mileage is over 80 miles so would have been charged 4d, the rate for over 80 miles from 1711 to 1784.
Undated entire from Yeovil to Garsington near Oxford, with mansucript “X post” and stylised “4” for postage.

On the reverse a “YEOVIL” straight line handstamp (34½ x 7½ mm), a “TAUNTON” straight line handstamp
(41x7 mm, SO 751, in use 1759-1769) and a “B / RIS / TOL” handstamp (18x17 mm, BS 18, in use 1747-1772).

Based on the known dates for the Taunton handstamp, the entire is dated from between 1759 and 1769. This could match the date for the “YEOVIL” handstamp, SO 1042, known used in 1766, though the measurements are not precisely the same – the handstamp measures 34½x7½ mm, while SO 1042 is in the British County Catalogue as 35x8 mm. However the compilers of the BCC did not have the benefit of computers and scanners to be able to precisely measure their handstamps.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Wincanton late use of SO 993 cancel in 1845

The entire below is from Wincanton to an Insurance Office in Exeter.  It has an SO 993 cancel dated 31st March 1845, a later than previously recorded.

Some certificates were enclosed, hence the prepaid 2d in red.
[This item courtesy of a fellow member of the Somerset & Dorset Postal History Group.]

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Latest UDC in Somerset ? ... at Churchill in 1861

Is this the latest UDC usage in Somerset – a “CHURCHILL” udc in blue used on 17th June 1861 ?

The stamping of letters at all offices using undated handstamps should have ceased after the issue of an Instruction To Postmasters dated 17th March 1860, so this should be treated as abnormal usage.

Other abnormal-use examples of the “CHURCHILL” udc are known on 14th June 1861 and on 19th December 1860 (seen on eBay).

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Bath Delivery Office, 2019

Here is an undated "Bath Delivery Office" soft packet cancel - it arrived between 13th and 17th October 2019.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Portishead and Highbridge

First a double circle double-arc "PORTISHEAD / BRISTOL" cancel from 1936, although the circles are not clear.  The envelope was addressed to "The Hospital, Amsterdam" but the addressee was not found so it was returned to Portishead.

Next a Field Post Office registered envelope to Portishead with a "PORTISHEAD / BRISTOL" single ring receiving mark from 1946.  The sender was in Schleswig Holstein.

And finally a BT Maritime Radiotelex envelope from Portishead Radio, Highbridge, with a "HIGHBRIDGE / SOMERSET" meter mark from 1989.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Wellington Money Order & Savings Bank

The postcard below has a "WELLINGTON.SOM / M.O & S.B." single ring cancel dated 28th March 1906.

The picture side of the postcard depicts a horse with an extremely long tail and mane - hair extensions ??

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Bristol IMPs: LQMs with error codes

LQMs were also used to flag errors - 'M' for Misread of the indicia ...

... plus 'U' for underpaid ...

... or 'S' for a missort.