Sunday, 11 February 2018

A few Bath 19th century items

A random selection of Bath items from the 19th century, starting with an entire from Bath to London, that was then reposted to Lancaster.  The initial postage from Bath was 7d, and the reposted entire to Lancaster was another 8d.

This next entire is from February 1840, after the introduction of the uniform penny post in January 1840 but before the introduction of postage stamps in May 1840.  The letter has been prepaid so only cost 1d.

This item from September 1858 is from the Belevedere region of Bath (later called Belvidere) to Edinburgh, with a straight line "BELVEDERE" handstamp (known used 1850 to 1852).

And finally some printed matter from London to Bath in January 1858 with a Bath single arc handstamp as a receiving mark.

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