Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bath Miscellany - Trams, Advertising, Pump Rooms, Sanitation

The next series of posts are going to be yet more "Bath", but this time of a more miscellaneous or ephemeral nature - starting with a comic postcard dated 1st January 1904 predicting the outcome of the first electric tram service in Bath, which started on 2nd January 1904.

This next sheet has two illustrated envelopes with sepia-toned images of the Spa and the river, from 1937 and 1956 respectively.  The bottom envelope has a nice "TO PAY / POSTED / UNPAID" cachet.

Then a piece of ephemera showing the price list for the Bath Pump Rooms, from July 1842.

This next entire is from the City of Bath Urban Sanitary Authority, from October 1893, with a nice Bath squared circle cancel.

This is the contents of the entire, requiring that the drains be fixed.

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